FEMA Checklist

The FEMA Checklist is a quick reference guide that you can follow to help insure your family has the proper necessities and is prepared in the case of an emergency. 


FEMA Youth Emergency Preparedness - Ready Kids

FEMA Youth Emergency Preparedness, is a fantastic curriculum that is broken down by grade levels that kids can use to help understand what an emergency/disaster is and the steps and warning signs they can recognize to help keep themselves and others safe in the event of an emergency.  It helps foster critical  skills such as problem solving, teamwork, creativity, leadership, and communication.


FEMA Coping with Disaster

This is a great resource full of information with regard to the emotional after-affects of the event.  To assist in recognizing disaster-caused stress and how important support during this time for all who experience a disaster can be for especially children and older adults.


Red Cross Make-A-Plan

Red Cross has simplified making an Emergency Plan into 3 simple steps.  This link takes you their site where they walk you through the essential parts of a successful plan.


Emergency Prep & Response - CDC

The CDC Preparation and Response page has a wide range of information.  It provides detailed information on tons of different types of emergencies/disasters.  If you are looking for something specific, there is an A-Z directory.

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