Our mission this year and moving forward is for our school to be prepared and ready for any of the unforeseen events life.


As we return to school this year, we ask each child to provide an “Emergency Bag” to the Rheem Office.


This bag should include the following:


  • Non-Perishable Food (i.e. Granola/Protein Bar, Jerky, Dried Fruit, etc)


  • Something small to comfort your child.  This can be a family photo, a note from parents, a deck of cards. (should not be larger than your hand)


  • These items should be sealed in a gallon size plastic (ziplock type) bag with your child’s information clearly marked on it.  This information should include, first & last name, teacher's name and/or class room number.


Do not include drinks in your bag, no juice or water.  Please only provide enough food for 2 snacksDo not fill up the entire bag with food.


                 An example would be;  2 Granola Bars per student.


***When choosing items please keep in mind that these bags will be stored in the classroom for the entire school year.  As the whole class will be providing a bag, storage space is limited .  Any items not suited for long term storage, will be returned home with a note***


* Bottled water will be supplied and stored in each classroom, courtesy of the PTA. *



You know your child/children best and we thank you for your support and understanding as to the importance of our students and school being prepared.


  • The items will be returned to your student to bring home the last day of school.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact RheemPTA@gmail.com.









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