Fun(d) Run

Every Fall, Rheem students participate in one of our most cherished traditions the Rheem PTA FUN(d) Run. Proceeds from this event support various Rheem’s PTA programs.

How does it work? Students begin the fun with a warm up, led a Rheem P.E. teacher. Next, students will walk, skip or jog for 15 minutes around the designated track. Parent volunteers record the number of laps each child completes. Each grade spends about 30 minutes at the event, which fulfills each child’s P.E. requirement for the day.

How much do we raise? Last year our Rheem Roadrunners raised more than $9,000 for our school. Computer Lab equipment, Teacher supplies, library books, and new PE equipment are just some of the many things that this event supports.

How do we get sponsors? Sponsorship can be per lap, with or without a maximum, or as a flat donation. Parents are encouraged to seek sponsorship from friends and family.
Only the “FUN(d)” portion of this event is a PTA activity. The “Run” portion is a school activity. Supporting our school’s physical education program and free play facilities makes a big difference in the daily lives of our kids, and physical exercise actually helps them learn better!

As with any PTA event, we rely on the help of parent volunteers. Your assistance will ensure the success of this event.


Easy Money

Please sign up for all the free programs below and HELP US EARN FREE MONEY FOR RHEEM!!


Shoparoo is a free app for smartphones and tablets that lets anyone turn pictures of shopping receipts into donations to your school. With Shoparoo, every grocery receipt - regardless of the store or products purchased - earns money for your school. There's no need for parents to provide sensitive information such as their name, address, bank account or credit card numbers.. WWW.SHOPAROO.COM 



Escrip is an online mall.  It is free! Escrip allows you to shop at all the major stores and they send a percentage of the purchase amount back to the school.  Online stores like Best Buy, Body Shop, Anthorpologie, Ray-Ban, Petco, and many many more.  Just sign here WWW.ESCRIP.COM


you create an account and then assign Donald L Rheem as who you are "earning for", and you are all set!


Amazon Smile
Rheem can earn up to 10% of all purchases made at Amazon when shoppers use the special link below. No registration required!

  1. Log into through this LINK. (The link can also be found on the Rheem website homepage.)
  2. Bookmark the link so you can easily use it every time you shop!
  3. Tell your family and friends to do the same!


Box Tops

The Box Tops program is one of the easiest ways to support Rheem, and we need your help to clip Box Tops coupons!

You can find Box Tops on hundreds of products including brands such as Kleenex, Huggies, Juicy Juice, Progresso soups, Pillsbury, Hefty and Ziploc just to name a few. Just cut the Box Top coupon from the package and send them all into school with your student. We will then submit the coupons that we’ve collected and earn ten cents for each Box Top coupon. Twice a year we receive a check from the Box Top program, which is put to great use supporting our students’ education here at Rheem! Last year we raised over $1000 for our school by collecting over 10,000 Box Tops. This year our goal is to collect 12,000 Box Tops school‐wide.

So please make it a habit to check for and clip Box Tops to send into school, and ask your relatives to join in on the fun! Go to WWW.BTFE.COM for a complete list of participating products. Please try to have all Box Top coupons that you’ve collected over the summer and this fall into school by the beginning of October.

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