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Last year we reintroduced a clerical team that would help the teachers and teachers' aides with clerical

work. It was incredibly helpful to the staff so we would like this service to continue.  Like last year, rather than putting the burden on 1-2 people, we created a Sign Up Genius to promote varied parents to help as you only have to commit to one day for the entire school year!



  1. Choose a week to take responsibility.
  2. Visit the staff room at some point during the week.  (You can visit multiple days during your week or just once!)
  3. There is a basket on the table under the PTA mailboxes.  Teachers will put requested work orders in the basket.  It may involve copying, die cutting, laminating, etc. 
    • Do what you feel comfortable completing.  (If you do not want to use the laminator, do not worry.)
    • If you have questions about copying (i.e. how to program the copier to staple or hole punch), ask a TA in the staff room.  They are the experts and will tutor you.
  4. Put completed work into the teacher's mailbox or deliver to their classroom.

Please contact Casey Sproul ( if you have questions or input.

Thank you!



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