August 18, 2017


For those who were unable to attend the Parent Coffee on the first day of school, the following remarks were made by PTA President.


The sentiments are important to share with all...


"As part of PTA and Parents we talk a lot about community, and part of community is support.  Not just supporting our children, which is important, but supporting each other as parents, supporting teachers and staff.  We are blessed here are Rheem with a wonderful team of caring and involved teachers. 


Good schools are made not just by good facilities or fancy walls... it is truly the wealth of it's teachers and staff.  Our teachers are our strength as well as a very dynamic part of our PTA.


The Rheem Team Community is ALL OF US! ... Just like our children, we are all unique, and just like our children, we learn from each other.  So going into this year, my hopes are that everyone feels included, feels welcomed and feels part of the TEAM!  Joining the PTA is just a small part of supporting our school and our children, the PTA also relies on parents donating their time.


It was Martin Luther King Jr. who said "Intelligence plus Character - that is the goal of true education".  This resonates with us as a PTA because we are role models for our children and when we volunteer our time, through our actions we are showing our children what it means to give back to others and these actions help build character.  Character that our children take with them throughout life.  We all want our children to be successful and we can help student success by being involved, by looking at our relationship with school as a partnership."


Lynette Galarza









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